Safety Equipment

Skiing away from secured slopes requires safety equipment.

If you move away from secured slopes you want to bring some safety equipment. Here are some thoughts:


Do not go for the cheapest option. You will hopefully never use it but if you do, you will be very happy to have spend 30 bucks extra for good quality. The more expensive beacons typically provide faster processors, better signal reception and longer range. Make sure you know how the item works and keep the batteries fresh. I know people that started searching their friends just to see their beacon die the moment they turned the search function on. Remember: your beacon is your and your friends lifesaver. Make sure it works as intended. You can rent one too, if you ski offpiste make sure you get one and familiarize yourself with it. If you have a chance to compare different systems try out their effective range, we have seen differences of over 30m (of first reception of a signal) with cheap models. I personally own the Barryvox Pulse and I am very happy with it.


It should not break. All the big brands sell good quality shovels, the price defines the weight. If you don’t care about extra weight get a shovel that is included in a set.


Same as the shovel, you can get a carbon lightweight proble if you need to keep weight down. Otherwise the ones included in a set are just fine.

Mammut Avalanche Safety Set

  • Good range
  • Easy to use
  • Great value

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